Descendants of David BEHELLER



David Beheler appears on the tax lists for Henry County, VA in 1779, 1780 & 1782.

From "Franklin County (VA) History", p.202 - "Samuel King was another early Franklin County schoolteacher. In 1790 he charged David Beheler 3 pounds for 'teaching 3 children 10 months each.' ...King was not paid and took Beheler to court. Apparently they quickly reached an agreement because the case was dismissed."

I found something today in the library....Franklin County Deeds (Beck 1978) Book 1 p. 107: 4 September 1786 "David Beckler of Franklin County conveys to Enoch Hodges, farmer, of same, for 100 pounds, 100 acres on the branches of Chestnut and Pigg River, bounded by Beckler's old line, William Thompson, the road, Beckler's old line". Elizabeth the wife relinquished her right of dower.
Recorded 2 October 1786. The same land transfer I found listed in Franklin County Court Order Book 1 (Wingfield) p. 58 dated 2 Oct. 1786: A deed, David Beheler to Enoch Hodges, acknowledged, and Eliza the wife being privily examined relinquished her right of dower, and ordered recorded. Gets better..
..1778-80 Tax lists of Henry County, VA (Adams, 1973) Year 1779 p. 20 Beakler, David Tax for raising money for service of the United States, due 20 Feb. 1780. Will see if anything else exists in Henry County for DAVID
BECKLER aka DAVID BEHELER. I hope you have received my package...Cindy Young

David Beheler is in Franklin Co., VA Deed Book 2 page 441, 8 Oct 1792.

The will of David Beheler appears to no longer exist although some of the probate records are still in existence in the Franklin Co., VA courthouse. The earliest is dated 13 Sep 1806, with final accounting dated 3 Apr 1813.
Jacob appears to be the executor; the following are listed as legatees: George Beheller, David Beheller, John Beheller, Ameriah Pharis, Mary Beheller, Fredrick Fishburn, Robert Scarborough, and Jacob Beheller. (One source of abstracts of Franklin Co., VA wills and probate records omits Jacob as a legatee. The copy of the original probate document in my possession does include Jacob, not only as a legatee, but as executor.)

Some sources include Isaac b. between 1765 and 1784 as a son of David, I find no proof of that.