Descendants of David BEHELLER


4. David BEHELER

The children listed are mostly guesses. There should be at least 10 kids born by 1830.

David Bohelar Rutherford Co., NC Federal Census 1820 (Bohelar) p#357 2 m under 10, 1 m 26-45, 3 f under 10, 2 f 10-16, 1 f 26-45 engaged in agriculture

1830 (Beheler) p#497 2nd regiment, 1840.

2 m 10-under 15, 1 m 50 and under 60, 1 f under 5, 1 f 5- under 10, 1 f 15 - under 20, 1 f 40 and under 50

1840 David Bohelior Rutherford Co., NC p.285 1 m 60-70; 1 f under 5; 1 f 20-30

1850 High Shoals Dist. Rutherford Co household #1172.
Boheler, Terrisa 39 f NC
Ezra 15 m NC
Sarah 13 f NC
William 8 m NC
David 70 m VA farmer

Source: "War of 1812 Pensioners"
BOHELER, David, Trissy, WO-13713, srv Irwin's Co NC Mil (WO=widow's original)


Rutherford County marriages 1779-1868; Brent H. Holcomb:
Arawood, John H. & Trisa Boheelar, m 12 Sept 1858 by E. M. Carpenter
Arrowood, John H. & Trissa Bohelar, 12 Sept 1858; James McMahan, bm.
Boheler, Jacob & Polly Downey, 10 Feb 1834; Achilles Durham, bm.
Boheler, John T. & Margrett Tate, 20 Dec 1857; S.A. Webb, bm., m. 20 Dec 1857 by J. H. Carpenter, J. P.
Bohelo, Jacob & Eliza Bolton, m. 3 Apr 1853, by J. H. Carpenter, J. P.
Bohelor, David & Terrissa Downey, 5 Nov 1841; A. Durham, bm.
Bolton, Wm. S. & Rebecker Boheler, 16 Sep 1851; C.H. Haynes, bm.; m. 16 Sept 1852 by J. H. Carpenter, J. P.
Cooper, N.C. & Lucinda Bohela, 10 Mar 1860; Wm. Butler bm.; m. 13 Mar 1860 by M.R. Moore, J.P.
Houser, Jackson & Nancy Boheler, 13 Jan 1835; David Williams bm.
Whisenant, Henry & Rebecca Beheler, 13 July 1836; Samuel G. Porter bm.

11. Jacob BOHELA

1850 Broad River, Rutherford Co household #484.

Bohela, Jacob 36 m Farmer NC

James 14 m NC

Rebeca 13 f NC

Thos 11 m NC

Catharine 9 f NC

Lucinda 7 f NC

Henry 5 m NC

Mary 3 f NC

13. John T BEHELER

1850 High Shoals Dist. Rutherford Co household #1170.

Bowheler, John 26 m laborer b. NC

Angeline 24 f b. NC

Ciburn 11 m NC

Dulcena 9 f NC

Susan 7 f NC

Elizabeth 5 f NC

Jacob 3 m NC

Andrew 1 m NC

Terrissa DOWNEY

1850 High Shoals Dist. Rutherford Co household #1172.

Boheler, Terrisa 39 f NC

Ezra 15 m NC

Sarah 13 f NC

William 8 m NC

David 70 m VA farmer

16. William BEHELER

SOURCE: Roster of Confederate Soldiers
Beheler, W.T. SC 17th Inf. Co. F

Pension Papers from the State of TX, Place of Residence, Elm Mott, McLennon Co. , TX. Pension Papers dated 13 Mar 1926, state he was past 81 years, born in Rutherford Co., NC and had resided in McLennon Co., TX about 40 years. Further states that hie enlisted Nov. 27, 1861 at Columbia, SC, captured near Petersburg, VA, Mar 25, 1865, and released on oath of Allegiance at Point Lookout, MD, June 23, 1865. Served as a pvt. under Capt. W. Blackburn, Wilson's Co., Subsequently Co. F. 17th. Regt. S.C. Inf. C.S.A. The value of his home - $3850.00 by his own appraisal; however, the county assessor appraised it for $4940.00 on the 12 Feb 1929. There is an affidavit signed by Farmer Moore of Cherokee Co., SC attesting to the service of W. T. Boheler.
On 13 Feb 1929, the application for confederate pension was denied on account of the following: "You are the owner of property very much in excess of the amount of property allowed indigent persons who are entitled to pension, and for this reason your application is necessarily rejected." On 25 Feb 1931 he reapplied. At that point in time, they had dropped the requirement of indigence and he was approved for a pension.
Also in the Pension Application Papers is the "Application for Mortuary Warrant:
The State of Texas, County of McLennan. I, Z. C. Beheler do hereby certify that I am the person to whom is entrusted the paying of the accounts and indebtedness of the late W.T. Beheler, who was a pensioner of the State of Texas, and whose file number was 49425 and whose original county was McLennan.
The said pensioner W.T. Beheler, died on the 3 day of May, 1934, in the town of Elm Mott County of McLennan, Texas.
The pensioner died in the home of Mrs. A. G. Hardwick who was related to the pensioner as Grand-Daughter.
That the warrant, which application is hereby made for shall be applied to paying all or part of the funeral expenses incurred by the said pensioner W.T.
I further certify that the warrant for the current quarter has not been
cashed by the pensioner, to the best of my knowledge and belief.
I am related to the pensioner as (Friend) Son, that my postoffice
address is
Elm Mott, Tex Route #1. Signed by Z.C. Beheler 8 May 1934

Amariah PHARES

According to "Franklin County (VA) History 1786 - 1986" by John S. and Emily
Salmon 1993 p. 202 - "By 1794 schooling in Franklin County had become
somewhat more sophisticated. A teacher with the unlikely name of Amariah
Phares offered his services 'at the rate of Twenty five Shillings per Scholar
in Cash, and for board one Bushel of Corn and Eight pounds of Bacon per
Scholar for the yeare.' ...Phares had the air of a professional."

6. George BEHELER

On 30 Sep 1797, George Beheler purchased 100 acres in Franklin Co., VA from Richard Menifee.

1810 census, Franklin Co., VA Behealer, George 26-45

On 5 May 1824 George Beheler and Mary his wife sold 100 acres in Franklin Co., VA to Samuel Coleman (husband of Priscilla Beheler) for $51.00

Also on 5 May 1824, Samuel Coleman and Priscilla his wife secured a deed of trust for this land to Philip Williams for $78.07 in order to pay a debt of that amount to John Dillon of Franklin Co, VA.

1850 census, Franklin Co., VA HH.1601
Behelor, George 78 farmer #750
Armstead 22

William Beheler lists George's middle name as Armistead.

George's will dated 10 Sep 1849 was brought to court in Franklin Co., VA 7 June 1852. Franklin Co., VA wills Book 7, pp. 450-51 In the name of God Amen.
I George Beheler of the County of Franklin and State of Virginia do hereby make my last will and testament in the meanes and form following to wit:
1st I will to my daughter Jane Wagoner & my two grandchildren Samuel Lavinder & Ann Lavinder my tract of land formerly Tates containing by survey 174 acres to be divided as follows: a line beginning at the forks of the road on --- a Chesanut down the road a strate line to a Chesanut & Locust near the Banis thorne a strait line cross the creek to the mouth of a ditch in the bottom of the same as it meanders to an old chesanut thence to a large Poplar on the
ridge & up the same to Fishburn's line. The upper part for Samuel Lavinder & Ann Lavinder and the lower part for Jane Waggoner.
2nd I will to son John Beheler one hundred acres of land as same more or less being a part of the tract he now lives on the dividing line to begin at a post oak in Doughton's line near the path up to a chesnut stump in Hodges line &
thence to double red oak to have and to hold during his natural life & at his death it shall go to his son Edward Green Beheler and in the event that he shall die without a lawful heir I will it Jesse Taylor and Armistead Beheler.
3rd I will all of the bottom of said tract Land to Jesse Taylor & Armistead Beheler to be equally divided.
4th I will to my Daughter Mary Lavinder the tract of land that I now live on containing by survey 100 acres during her natural life and at her death to the heirs of her body if any if not to be returned to Jesse Taylor & Armistead
4th I will to Samuel Lavinder & Armistead Beheler my Black smiths tools & plantation tools
5th I will to Ann Lavinder a cow & yearling Loom and utensils Bed & furniture a cotton wheel & flax wheel.
6th I will that my Executor shall sell all my household & kitchen furniture stock, horses, waggons still & the monies arising therefrom shall be equally divided and paid to Samuel Beheler & Samuel Coleman as their legacy.
7th I do hereby appoint Samuel Lavinder the Executor of this my last will and testament.
I will that my Executor shall sell my crops and meats that that may be on hand and with the monies to pay my debts & funeral expenses also one dollar to Chilton Lavinder my soninlaw & John Lavinder one dollar also which is all I intend(?) to give them Witness whereof I hereto set my hand and seal this 10' day of Sept 1849.
George Beheler
witnessed by Peter Saunders and William Menifee
At a court held for Franklin County the 7' day of June 1852.
This last will and testament of George Beheler Dec'd was produced in court and ...

From Franklin Co., VA Will Book 9 p.59
In the Clerks office of Franklin County Court the 19th day of September 1855. This platt and survey of the land devised by the last will and testament of George Beheler Dec'd to John Beheler and exhibited into the said
office and at the instance of the said John Beheler admitted to record.

item no. 5
8th September 1853 survey'd & divided 187 acres of land under the last Will & Testament of George Beheler Dec'd by the following bounds & metes Viz the lot willed to Jane Waggoner (continues with description of the metes and bounds) containing 87 acres. The lot willed to Samuel Lavinder and his sister Ann Doughton... (description of metes and bounds) containing 100 acres.

8th September 1853 survey'd & divided under the last Will & Testament of George Beheler Dec'd 268 acres of land between Armstead Beheler & Jesse Taylor.
(Metes and Bounds 134 acres to each.)

9th September 1853 survey'd 143 acres of land for John Beheler being the tract devised to him by his father's last Will & Testament.

8. Jacob BEHELER

No census listings found for 1790, 1800, 1810, or 1830 in KY.

Some Virginia Marriages 1800-1825 Vol 9 p 2
Beheler, Jacob and Susanna Doss 19 Nov 1807, Franklin Co.

Allen Co., KY land grants - 1815 - 1918
"The Kentucky Land Grants", - Vol. I-II Louisville, KY: Filson Club
Publications, 1925
Behealer, Jacob 70 3- 5-1830 Long Creek
Beheeler, Samuel 78 1-22-1846 Long Creek
Beheeler, Wm C 100 10-24-1827 Hungry Creek
Beheler, Jacob 8 10-28-1853 Long Creek
Beheler, Samuel 20 8-11-1857 Long Creek

1820 US Census Kentucky
Behiler, Jacob Allen Co. Scottsville p 140 (microfilm)
1 male 26-45; 1 male over 18 and under 26; 1 female 26-45

Allen Co., KY deed book records the purchase of 50 acres by Jacob Beheler
from Charles Austin on 12 Mar 1834.

1840 US Kentucky Census
Beheler, Jacob p 072 (microfilm) 1 male 60-70; 1 male 15-20; 1 male 10-15;
1 female 50-60; 1 female 20-30; 1 female 15-20; 1 female 5-10.

1850 US Kentucky Census Allen Co p 125
358/366 J. Beheler 75 M Gunsmith VA
S. Beheler 68 F VA
E. Beheler 33 F KY
S. Beheler 30 F KY
J G Beheler 21 F KY
J M Beheler 34 M ____smith KY

1850 Allen Co., KY Slave Schedule J. Beheler owns 1 slave 60 M B

Kentucky 1860 Mortality Schedule
Boheleer, Jacob Allen Co, KY age 82 male born in VA. died Feb 1860

Source: The Beginning: A Pictorial History of Allen Co, Kentucky p. 67.
New Salem United Baptist Church was constituted on March 4, 1843. A
group of ministers, at the request of the people of the community, met at the
home of one Jacob Beheler for the purpose of organizing a church.
These ministers, W C Bransford, William Seamonds, Daniel Smith, William
Spillman, S E Carpenter and Matthew Johnson, W C Behelers and J M Behelers
heard the petitions of the people and after satisfying themselves as to their
desires and worthiness, they constituted the crowd as a church of the Baptist
faith with 45 members.
In April the church met at "Bethany Meeting House" on Long Creek and
continued to meet there until 1850 when Edward Bradley deeded a parcel of
land to the church. The plot was approximately 4 1/2 acres and lay along Long
Creek and the ridge above it. Many years later members of the Law family
arranged a barter of the lands, wherein a plot from their farm was exchanged
for a plot of church property. The Law plot was to be used for a cemetery
adjoining the church.
The earliest inscribed stone in the cemetery commemorate deaths which
occurred in the early 1880's The grave of Edward Bradley, donor of the
church site, is here. He died in the late years of the 19th century.
Rev. Christley Miller, one of Allen County's and southern Kentucky's
outstanding pioneer preachers held meetings here. The minutes of services
frequently mention him either as having held services there or with comments
on the work he was doing with other congregations.
Rev. W L Bouie was pastor of the church for 24 years.
The church shown in this book is of hand-hewn logs and hand-sawed lumber
and served the congregation untill 1956 whe the present church was built.

Source: Allen Co. KY Wills and Settlements 1815-1902 p. 45.
September 10, 1826 JACOB BEHELER

May 1860
I bequeath all my personal estate to my wife Susana Behealer during her
natural life and widowhood to raise my children. It is my request my
executor give to each of my children as they reach the age of 21, a cow and
bead (bed?) (viz) William and James Beheler and Polly Lucy Sarah Nancy
Elizabeth and Susana Beheler (there are no commas between these names). Wife
Susana, executor. Witt: John Fishburn, Abraham S. Boyd, James Tracy and Jacob
A deposition was ordered taken from James Tracy, the only living
witness, now living in the State of Illinois.

The Kentucky Land Grant Part 1 p. 479
Behealer, Jacob 3-5-1830 Allen Co.

The Kentucky Land Grants Jillson Part II--Grants in County Court Orders
Beheler, Jacob 8 acres, book 40, page 14, surveyed Oct. 28, 1853, Allen Co.,
(Long Creek name of watercourse)

Source: Allen Co. KY Wills & Settlerments 1815-1902; Mary Rabold p 2 Jan 1832
The court ordered Benjamin Johnson, Samuel and Jacob Beheler and Emanuel
Hooten to appraise and inventory the estate of Joseph Cole.
p.3 March 1834 The court ordered Sion Cook, Matthew Johnson, Henry Brown &
Jacob Beheler to appraise and inventory the estate of Raleigh Howell.

Source: Allen Co., Ky Day Book 1826-1837 pp. 180, 36, 84, 86, 87, 88, 97,
101, 107, 113, 157 & 174. Includes court orders to appraise property
including land and slaves, orders to settle estates and bills for his
This would indicate that he was literate.

Susanna DOSS

Source: Allen Co. KY Wills & Settlements 1815-1902 p. 45.
September 10, 1826

Source: Marriage Bonds of Franklin Co, VA 1786-1858 -Wingfield Marshall
Married by John Ashworth

1860 Allen Co, KY Slave Schedule
Susan Behuler 1 slave 60 years old male Black

Source: Kentucky 1870 Federal Census Index-West, Ronald Vern Jackson

Beheler, Sousan Allen Co. 241 Scottsville KY

27. Mary Ann Polly BEHELER

Source: Allen Co. KY Wills & Settlements 1815-1902 p. 45.

Polly sometimes equals Mary. There is a marriage record of Mary Ann
to Daniel Clibourn on 8 Apr 1834 in Allen Co., KY. According to the Raney
collection, Mary Ann was born 1808 in Smith Co., TN and died in Macon
Co., TN
in the 1850's and Daniel Cliburn was born Sumner Co., TN in 1812, son of
George and Emilia (Meador) Cliburn.

30. Elizabeth BEHELER

Source: Allen Co. KY Wills & Settlements 1815-1902 p. 45.

Source: Allen Co. KY Vital Statistics, Rabold, p. 2.
Beheler, Elizabeth, female, July 11, 1855, age 37, single, b. Macon
Tenn., parents Jacob & Susan Beheler.

31. Sarah BEHELER

Source: Allen Co. KY Wills & Settlements 1815-1902 p. 45.

According to the Raney Collection, Sarah was born 1812 and married Peter
Epperson b. 1809 Smith Co., TN, son of Anthony and moved to Schuyler County,
MO abt 1853. States that they had 8 children.

1850 US Census Macon Co., Dist No 2, TN p. 161
Peter Epperson 41 farmer $500 TN
Sally 30 TN
William 18 farmer TN
Joseph 16 farmer TN
Robert 13 TN
Jacob 10 TN
James 8 TN
Sidney 4 TN
not named 1 F TN.

32. Susana BEHELER

Source: Allen Co. KY Wills & Settlements 1815-1902 p. 45.